Sand Castle Alapahas

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Castle Residents 

Males - 

FGs Prometheus 

of  USA - 

FGs Phantom Rebel x 

AAKs Sweet Home


"Pan" is a treasured

member of our family.


Very even 

temperament which

he passes on. Bully

build without being 

exaggerated.  Has 

produced a very 

consistent look with 

each of the bitches 

he has been crossed 


Fratts Crixus

of SC - 

FFBs Zetro x 

CRKs Blue Jean

Crixus is new to the 

castle. We bred him

for his first cover to 

SCs Kodachrome. 

Couldn't have asked

for nicer pups. 

He too has an 

amazing, stable

temperament which he

passes on to his pups. 

We have hopes of

showing this handsome man in 2016. 

Watch for us! 

Fratts Sparticus

       of SC - 

Fire Engine Red "Inferno" 

         by RTC x 

Billy Jo at the Fratthouse


Sparticus is our more recent

addition to the castle. This 

boy has charmed everyone

who has met him so far. Not

only is he a stunning

                                                        chocolate brindle but he 

                                                        has a wonderful personality. 

                                                        His first litter recently 


                                                        arrived and we are very 

                                                        pleased with how he                                                                       

                                                        produced. Watch for him to                                                           

                                                        be shown in 2016 as well! 

Females - 

SCs Adonia - 

SCs Hannibal x 

SCs Sasha

Stunning blue eyed 

girl. Super personality.

Produced her first 

litter this year with

"Pan". We were so

pleased with the litter 

we retained a female. 

Looking forward to 

things to come! 

SCs Kodachrome -

FGs Prometheus of USx

SCs Sasha

Uncommon tri - color.

Very stable disposition.

Her first litter was

stunning. Big Plans for

this little lady!                                                          


Outlaws Layla - 

Outlaws Jack x 

Outlaws Sookie Girl

Nice, large female. Very 

athletic, high prey drive, yet

very sweet and gentle. 

Her first litter was with 

Fratts Sparticus producing

nice solid pups with the 

bonus of flashy coats. 

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